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Glifosato: causa diretta disturbi da glutine ed autismo


Da tempo si ha conferma del possibile danno dei pesticdi sulla salute, ed in particolare della relazione tra Glifosato e celiachia, Gluten Sensitivity ed intolleranza al glutine. E’ di questi giorni un’ulteriore conferma e pure la scoperta di un meccanismo con cui il pesticida può giungere a modificare il DNA portando patologie, oltre a quelle correlate direttamente al glutine anche ad autismo. La conclusione finale è -richiesta urgente- di eliminare il Glifosato non solo ovviamente dal cibo, ma da tutta la biosfera.


Per chi volesse trarre conclusioni proprie al link il testo completo, in calce la conclusione:

“In this paper, we have shown that glyphosate, as an amino acid analogue of glycine, may be erroneously misincorporated into polypeptide chains during protein synthesis. The research literature documents evidence of severe protein impairment through substitution of conserved glycines by other amino acids. It leads to the disruption of function of many proteins with essential rôles in metabolism and regulatory processes. Glyphosate substitution for conserved glycines in essential proteins can explain the destruction of glands and organs revealed by Monsanto (the original patent holder)’s own studies.

Glyphosate is pervasive in the food supply, and chronic exposure will lead to slow accumulation of damaged proteins, systemically. Fibrillary plaques and tangles intransigent to proteolysis may be due to glyphosate substitution for conserved glycines, accounting for multiple neurological diseases. Impairment in dimerization, membrane attachment, cytoskeleton attachment and active site flexibility are some of the defects we anticipate. Some consequences are impaired fatty acid release leading to obesity, impaired insulin receptor response leading to diabetes, impaired one-carbon metabolism leading to neural tube defects and autism, impaired oxidative phosphorylation causing mitochondrial disorders, impaired Nrf2 regulation leading to hyperkeratosis and fatty liver disease, impaired cell cycle control during DNA synthesis, impaired collagen cross- linking, and disregulated phosphorylation cascades leading to cancer, lung disorders, and autoimmune diseases. These effects easily account for the multitude of diseases and conditions whose incidence is rising in the USA and elsewhere, in step with the rise in the use of glyphosate on core crops. We urge regulatory agencies worldwide to take action to remove these synthetic amino acids not only from the food supply but from our biosphere”


Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins

Anthony Samsel1, * and Stephanie Seneff 2, **

1 Research Scientist, Deerfield, NH 03037, USA

2 Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA


Article in Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry · June 2016 DOI: 10.4024/03SA16A.jbpc.16.01

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